Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Engineering of Submission: the intricacy of structured foldings"

My Grad Show, "FLUX" at the University of Ottawa, April 21st, 2011

What exactly is involved in the pictures above, you ask?
Well, the dress is made up of unbleached cotton, pleated, folded, shirred, embroidered, tucked into submission. There are also doilies, twigs and fur pelts. The frame underneath is essentially a cage-crinoline welded to hold up the shape and weight of the fabric. The left panel of the dress is embroidered with real and mythical beasts on a panel 1.5m squared.
Also, a life-size crochet octopus looming above the ground threateningly, across from the dress. The octopus was started as a doily in January, and then just grew and grew. It was a challenge, but alot of fun crocheting around a balloon that measures 26" in diameter.

The takedown


"Engineering of Submission: the intricacy of structured foldings" by Edith Chartier
Winner of the 2011 University of Ottawa Sculpture Award.

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  1. Wow Edith - this is amazing! The whole thing looks very haunting and the work that's gone into both pieces is clear and well worth it - it's brilliant! I'd love to be able to see the gown in real life to really appreciate all those textures. Well done!!!